Maxwell Machining Inc.

Your Source for Custom CNC Machining Services

Maxwell Machining has the experience and track record to provide quality products on-time and at a great price.

dedicated to our customers

We exceed customer expectations by providing excellent workmanship while respecting your commitments and deadlines. We also accept rush orders.

What we do best:

Custom CNC Machining

We handle complex requirements and provide high quality custom CNC machining services.

Bandsaw Cutting

We are equipped with powerful bandsaw machinery to ensure consistent high quality cuts.

Internal Broaching

Our internal broaching methods produce parts with good surface finishes and high dimensional accuracy.

Keyway Cutting

We are able to produce very precise keyway cuts that are consistent in size, shape, and straightness.

Project Prototyping

We understand the value of prototyping a design until you get the perfect build. We happily accommodate small orders.

Much More

Interested in something different? Let's talk about your project and how we can help you build it.

Who we are

We work hard to offer great quality services and provide every client with honest workmanship. When working with us, we focus on your needs and view customers more like partners. Our shop is located 15 minutes north of Shelburne Ontario near the hamlet of Maxwell.

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Why Us?

We're a different kind of metal service provider.

3-Axis machines

By combining our expertise in 3-Axis machining with modern design software, we can work together to build exactly what you need.

Fast turn-around

We follow through with all of our commitments and complete every project in a timely fashion. We also accept rush orders.


We are well-connected to numerous local metal service providers. By working with us, you tap into this network of skilled producers for any of your project's needs.

customer service

Great businesses are built on great relationships. We take extra care to ensure every customer has a good experience working with us and leaves with a high level of satisfaction.

competitive prices

We have a deep understanding of our industry as a well-established metal service provider. This allows us offer great rates without compromising on quality.

flexible volumes

We offer all of our services at flexible volumes. We understand the value of investing into prototyping with small orders but also welcome large scale productions.

Let's work together and build something great.

Want to see why customers have such good experiences with us? We're a different kind of metal service provider. Let's chat!